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Earn a 7% return on your capital with Block Earner.*
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* You can choose between a Block Earner 7% fixed yield option or variable annual percentage yield with Aave & Compound.

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Block Earner is an Australia-based FinTech powered by blockchain technology. We’re bringing the utility of a new era in finance to the people.

Our commitment to capital preservation ensures we work with tier-one assets, platforms and companies to deliver the benifits of DeFi (Decentralised Finance).

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Block Earner is a Finnies 2022 Finalist for Excellence in Blockchain/Distributed Ledger.


Block Earner Yield Account

Access 7% fixed or
2-18% variable yields.

No technological hurdles.
Just better yields for the people.

  • CheckYield compounds daily
  • CheckDeposit or withdraw anytime.
  • CheckRegistered with AUSTRAC

Institutional grade security you can sleep on

Registered with AUSTRAC and secured with Fireblocks

Liberate your dollars. Anywhere. Anytime.
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