About Us

Block Earner is a blockchain powered fintech on a mission to provide a user-friendly interface for everyday Australians to access the benefits of decentralised finance.

At Block Earner, we’re bringing the future of finance to the people. The internet of money has arrived.

Since the 1990s, the internet has brought about rapid digitisation of how we live. We’ve seen technological innovation streamline, even revolutionise, almost every industry.
Block Earner Sydney Team

Today, the future of global finance is decentralised. Block Earner is your portal between traditional finance and blockchain investment, we’re making the latest financial innovations available to all.

By unlocking blockchain-based finance for the people, we connect Australians directly to a rapidly expanding global digital financial ecosystem.

Fair. Inclusive. Accessible. It’s blockchain democratised. It’s your money. Make it free.

A money democracy - where people have transparency and freedom around where and how their money is stored, moves, grows.
Help people take control of their money and access the benefits of Decentralised Financial systems.
Provide better products built on blockchain

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