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Market Update

The Catalyst: Bitcoin Spot ETFs Approved

Did crypto just go mainstream? Did Bitcoin just cross the rubicon? Is it now officially a BoomerFi-ed asset? A legitimate financial asset in the U.S. financial system? Yes.

17 Jan 20243min
Market Update

Bringing crypto back to life

Where are we today? We’re so back.

03 Nov 20232min

Our commitment to your peace of mind

At Block Earner, we understand the importance of trust and work tirelessly to create an environment where every user feels secure and confident on our platform.

04 May 20233min

Block Earner is a ‘Finnies 2023’ finalist —  Australia’s most prestigious Fintech Awards

This year we have been recognised again for ‘Excellence in Crypto and Digital Currencies’ and added a new badge of honour for ‘Excellence in Establishing Global Market Presence’ following our successful launch in Turkey late last year.

17 Apr 20233min

Celebrating ‘Innovation and technology for gender equality' at Block Earner #IWD

We asked some of our incredible team to share what this means to them by reflecting on their own experiences as women that are reshaping the future of finance.

08 Mar 20233min
What is?

What is Wrapped Bitcoin? (WBTC)

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is a token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. WBTC is backed 1:1 with Bitcoin.

30 Nov 20223min
Market Update

Market Update: Everything we know about FTX (so far)

At Block Earner, we have no exposure of any kind to FTX, its subsidiaries or connected parties. Protecting our customers is our highest priority and our team is carefully monitoring market conditions.

15 Nov 20223min