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Diversify SMSF performance. Preserve capital and invest in your future with the leading cryptocurriences.

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Power up your SMSF with Tier-1 digital assets

Access Pax Gold, Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Pax Gold

Buy and hold Pax Gold. Powered by blockchain and backed by LBMA-accredited gold bars. Portfolio value moves with the price of gold.

Protected by Fireblocks*Fireblocks

+ 60% Last 5 years*

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Capital Preservation
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Buy Bitcoin and get direct access to the leading blockchain yield platform Aave. The best performing digital assets in the last decade with a scarce supply of 21 million coins. Portfolio value moves with the price of Bitcoin.

Aave Variable APY*
+ No Lock-ins

+ 412% Last 5 years*

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Buy the Future
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Buy Ethereum and get direct access to the leading blockchain yield platform Aave. The world’s first programmable blockchain. Portfolio value moves with the price of Ethereum.

Aave Variable APY*
+ No Lock-ins

+ 400% Last 5 years*

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Next Generation Internet

*Aave variable rates may change daily. Rates and performance are based on past performance between the 1st of October 2017 and 1st of October 2022 and are not a reliable indicator of future results. Capital is not covered by the Australian government deposit guarantee. For more info please see FAQs.

All the tools you need to manage your SMSF digital asset portfolio

Now you can add Tier-1 assets like Paxos Gold, Bitcoin and Ethereum to your SMSF in one move

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Preserve Capital
Buy the futureplus

Power up your
Self-managed Super Fund

  • Details required to setup your SMSF:

    • CheckRegistered Trust Name
    • CheckRegistered Trust Address
    • CheckTrust ABN
    • CheckCopy of Trust deed
    • CheckTrust beneficiary details

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  • portfolio

    Diversify your retirement portfolio

    Access blockchain finance, buy, sell, and manage tier 1 digital assets and earn competitive fixed returns, compounding daily with no lock-ins.

  • taxes

    Generous tax in Australia

    Income is taxed at a rate of only 15% under current SMSF regulations, and long-term gains are taxed at a rate of 10%. Income generated by assets in a retirement pensions are taxed at 0%.

Benefits of Block Earner
to manage your SMSF

Diversify your SMSF assets today

Our SMSF support team is here to answer your questions and assist you with onboarding.

Block Earner Sydney Team

Why trade with Block Earner?

Diversified portfolio

Savvy investors adapt to changing conditions first. Blockchain technology offers a better way forward for capital management, preservation, and growth. We support early movers, every step of the way.



easy. accessible. protected.



Efficient and easy to manage, targeting valuable solutions that balance the risk-reward ratio for customers. Put your cash to work on the blockchain and earn a higher return on your capital.


Block Earner founders



Meaningful change must be sustainable.

Through a considered approach, Block Earner helps Australians invest in economic progress.

Our conservative take on blockchain finance provides strategic institutional-grade infrastructure for growing and preserving capital with confidence.

Charlie Karaboga, Co-founder & CEO
Jordan Momtazi, Co-founder & CSO

Registered with AUSTRAC and protected with

Blockchain finance security

Block Earner is registered with AUSTRAC  as a Digital Currency Exchange and Independent Remittance Provider.

  • Block Earner is protected with Fireblocks*

    Fireblocks is an ISO and SOC2 certified digital asset custodian. Trusted with billions, by the industy’s largest players.

  • Free from lock-in contracts

    Withdraw your capital and earnings back into Australian dollars at any time.

  • Institutional-grade partners

    Block Earner works with Tier-1 assets, platforms and institutional-grade service providers.

*Aave USD Coin, WBTC and ETH transferred into Aave is held in custody with Fireblocks. Capital is not covered by Australian government deposit guarantee. For more info please see our Risk Disclosure and FAQs.

powered by blockchain technologyplus

How does it work?

Block Earner provides direct access to Aave so you can earn on USD Coin, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  • CheckTier-1 digital assets
  • CheckAccess your assets at any time
  • CheckLeading decentralised finance platform

Aave powers up your dollars

Aave is a decentralised marketplace for borrowing and lending that uses smart contracts to manage collateral.

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