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What is DIA (DIA)?

DIA (DIA) seeks to offer open, decentralized access to trustworthy data for the DeFi and financial markets. As a major participant in the blockchain sector, DIA provides an all-encompassing solution that makes use of oracles and crowdsourcing to gather and authenticate precise data from diverse sources. With its cutting-edge technology and community-driven ethos, DIA has attracted substantial attention and adoption and given users access to a trustworthy and verifiable data infrastructure for decentralized decision-making.

The History of DIA

Twelve people participated in the founding of the DIA association, but Paul Claudius, Michael Weber, and Samuel Brack are the leaders.

Claudius is the project's spokesperson and chief supporter; he is occasionally referred to as a CBO. He graduated from Passau University with a bachelor's in business and economics and holds a master's degree in international management from ESCP Europe. He co-founded and serves as CEO of C Ventures and BlockState AG in addition to his work on DIA. He had been the director of nu3, a nutrition startup, before crypto.

The Association's President and Founder of DIA is Michael Weber. He graduated from the University of Cologne in Germany with degrees in economics and physics as well as management from the ESCP Business School.

Before he turned to cryptocurrencies and launched initiatives like Goodcoin, myLucy, and BlockState, he worked for a number of banks and financial institutions.

As CTO, Samuel Brack works at DIA. He occupies the same role at BlockState as Claudius and Weber. He graduated from Humboldt University in Berlin with a master's in computer science, and as of January 2020, he was still pursuing his PhD there.

The Use Case of DIA

Within the decentralized ecosystem, DIA provides a wide range of use cases to both individual users and corporations. Users can access precise and up-to-date data on numerous assets, market trends, and financial measures by utilizing DIA's data infrastructure. Users are able to control risk, make informed decisions, and confidently complete transactions because to this.

Businesses can also use DIA's data feeds and oracles to improve their financial products and decentralized applications. Businesses may give users correct pricing, valuation, and other crucial data points by incorporating DIA's trustworthy data into their systems. As a result, strong financial services and solutions may be developed since it promotes trust and openness. Within the DIA ecosystem, the native DIA token is crucial. It functions as a governance and utility token, giving holders access to numerous platform features and advantages. Holders of DIA tokens have access to special benefits and incentives as well as opportunities to participate in platform governance.


DIA Price Statistics

DIA Price
24H Low/24H High
7D Low/7D High
Trading Volume
Market Cap Rank
Market Cap
Volume/Market Cap
All-Time High
$7.40 -89.96%
05 May 2021 (about 3 years)
All-Time Low
$0.316448 134.76%
15 Jun 2023 (11 months)
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