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What is Radicle (RAD)?

An open protocol-based decentralized coding collaboration network is called Radicle (RAD). Radicle enables direct developer-to-developer communication when working on code. Radicle was created to extend the advantages of distributed version control by replicating the features of centralized code collaboration platforms while maintaining the peer-to-peer character of Git (software/platform that serves as a repository for a developer's source code).

The History of Radicle

Radicle was formed in 2018 by Alexis Sellier and Eleftherios Diakomichalis with the goal of developing a fair and sustainable system for funding and maintaining open-source software projects. The Radicle Foundation, based in Switzerland and founded in 2020, is the organization behind Radicle. Peer-to-peer technologies that support internet freedom are being developed by the nonprofit foundation. In November 2020, Radicle debuted the test-net. The RAD token was introduced in February 2021.

The Use Case of Radicle

Problem: Over the past ten years, open-source software development has proliferated. The cost and complexity of creating software have decreased thanks to the open and public sharing of code, spurring an increase in IT innovation.For instance, by making open source more accessible to a larger audience, GitHub and GitLab have significantly contributed to its growth. These platforms promoted communal coding, helped Git become more accessible to a wider audience, and created common vocabulary and norms. They have undoubtedly altered how programmers write code as well. A sizable collection of open-source work, including code, bugs, reviews, and comments, is housed by these technologies.

These platforms, however, can set their own terms of service because they are controlled by corporations and are therefore bound by corporate law. Furthermore, the ethics of free and open-source communities frequently clash with those of these platforms, making them susceptible to censorship as well as corporate and governmental interests.

Radicle was developed as an alternative to GitHub and other comparable services. The goal of Radicle is to do away with middlemen and create a stable, effective, and secure peer-to-peer ecosystem.

According to the platform's blog, the Radicle project's two primary goals are as follows:

Instead than relying on dependable gatekeepers or state overlords, develop a long-lasting collaborative infrastructure that respects users' freedoms.

Create new value for developers by utilizing the recently created sovereign financial infrastructure (Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi).


RAD Price Statistics

Radicle Price
24H Low/24H High
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Trading Volume
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Market Cap
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All-Time High
$35.61 -92.70%
15 Apr 2021 (about 3 years)
All-Time Low
$1.88 38.16%
17 Aug 2023 (9 months)
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