Aussie fintech Block Earner invites Aussies to embrace the future of finance with OOH campaign across Sydney

18 May 2022
Block Earner aims to challenge the status quo in consumer finance by bringing decentralised finance to the masses with ambitious outdoor and multichannel digital campaigns
Sydney Australia, 18 May 2022 — Blockchain-powered fintech Block Earner is taking blockchain and decentralised finance out of tech savvy circles, embracing mainstream advertising codes with an ambitious OOH campaign across Sydney, the first for the Australian start-up. The campaign is designed to increase awareness and brand recognition in an increasingly competitive space, and deliver the next generation of financial products to Australians.
With a minimalist design, the ad simply invites on-the-move people to search for Block Earner online, where a multi-channel digital marketing campaign has been designed to boost awareness, engagement and conversion. Search results also provide curious consumers with a flurry of established and trusted sources that detail the Block Earner story, but also invite them to learn what decentralised finance has in store for them.
About the choice of an outdoor campaign, Charlie Karaboga, co-founder and CEO at Block Earner explains: “The mainstream consciousness is where we want to be. Decentralised finance has many benefits for consumers, but it’s a new space, and we need to help grow the general awareness of it, overcome scepticism and build trust with the people, and give them the tools to grasp the concept.
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“This outdoor campaign acts as a portal to a discovery journey inviting visitors to reflect on a new financial way forward, with three layers of narrative around overcoming rising inflation, moving on from legacy financial services that do not benefit them, and unlocking the future of finance.”
The campaign sees a full tram, 50 buses, a double decker, 500 seats, 10 billboards and 82 urban lights wearing the Aussie fintech’s colours for three months. Block Earner worked with Adholics for the campaign planning, Torch Media, Move Media and JCDecaux for outdoor assets and placements, and Studio 3am for the creative and design.
The digital campaign includes social media amplification, programmatic advertising, and in-game advertising in online and Web3 video games, as well as different landing pages on Block Earner’s website that will be served to visitors based on where they are on their journey through the marketing funnel.
Block Earner is a fintech platform connecting consumers to decentralised finance platforms, which allows them to offer a fixed 7% and up to 18% variable return on users’ deposits, and continue to grow their money at a steady pace in a context of high inflation. Decentralised finance is a new financial ecosystem powered by the blockchain, and emerging to challenge the existing traditional finance industry we all know and use.

Softening the inflation blow

With inflation at 5.1%, and bank interest rates stuck at low levels, consumers need alternative ways to grow their money without major risk and price volatility.
A recent study published by Block Earner with Pureprofile revealed that almost half of Australians are disappointed by low bank interest rates (48%), and are looking at ways to grow their savings faster (41%).
The large majority (86%) also recognised that they have seen prices increase in recent months and many don’t know how they will make ends meet (22%).
Karaboga continues: “Coupling outdoor and digital advertising, with a high-level and simple messaging, Block Earner is aiming to stimulate the curiosity of Australians who understand alternative savings options exist but feel unsure of where to start, and commonly associate decentralised finance with volatility, scams and risk.
“Instead, we want them to see a wide scope of possibilities, without hurdles, risk or complexity, just better yields for the people to go through these tough times.”
Study methodology The survey was commissioned by Block Earner, and administered by PureProfile. It was conducted in February 2022 among a sample of 1,000 Australians, representative of the population.

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