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What is Aave (AAVE)?

Aave (AAVE), a decentralised finance protocol, offers users a platform for lending and borrowing cryptocurrencies in a decentralised and open-source manner. Aave has grown in popularity in the DeFi ecosystem thanks to its cutting-edge features and user-friendly interface. It gives users the chance to access liquidity by borrowing or earning interest on their deposits without the help of conventional financial intermediaries.

The History of Aave

Aave's beginnings can be traced back to Stani Kulechov, who introduced ETHLend, a blockchain-based platform for lending and borrowing, in 2017. In 2018, ETHLend renamed to Aave, which means "ghost" in Finnish, and moved its focus to establishing a decentralized system for lending and borrowing. Aave gained popularity in the DeFi space due to its innovative features and user-friendly interface, becoming one of the leading protocols in the DeFi ecosystem.

The Use Case of Aave

The use case for Aave is to give users a decentralised, open-source platform for lending and borrowing so they can access liquidity by borrowing or earning interest on their deposited assets without relying on conventional financial intermediaries. Users can deposit various cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum (ETH), stablecoins, and other ERC-20 tokens, as collateral to borrow other assets or earn interest on their deposits.

Aave also features unique mechanisms, such as flash loans, which allow users to borrow assets without the need for collateral, as long as the borrowed amount is returned within the same transaction. This opens up possibilities for arbitrage, trading, and other complex financial strategies.


AAVE Price Statistics

Aave Price
24H Low/24H High
7D Low/7D High
Trading Volume
Market Cap Rank
Market Cap
Volume/Market Cap
All-Time High
$848.57 -84.52%
18 May 2021 (almost 3 years)
All-Time Low
$36.13 263.58%
05 Nov 2020 (over 3 years)
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