Our commitment to your peace of mind

04 May 20233min
Trust is a powerful yet fragile emotion. It takes years to establish and can vanish in the blink of an eye. At Block Earner, we understand the importance of trust and work tirelessly to create an environment where every user feels secure and confident on our platform.
Foundation Built on Compliance & Expertise: Block Earner is proud to be a fully licensed and compliant Australian company, with our headquarters based in Sydney. We’re registered with AUSTRAC as a Digital Currency Exchange and Independent Remittance Provider and operate under an Authorised AFS License representative, with an Australia Credit License in progress – demonstrating our commitment to following regulations and maintaining the highest standards of operation.
Experienced and Reliable: We follow strict risk diligence policies by partnering with industry-leading third-party providers to deliver our products and services. Thousands of users have trusted Block Earner to move millions of dollars through our platform, and we have yet to lose or misplace a single cent. Our track record speaks for itself, showcasing our dedication to providing a reliable and secure experience for all.
Advanced Security Measures: We've developed proprietary technology to protect our platform from brute force attacks, DDoS, and other malicious hacking activity. Our cutting-edge security systems ensure that your assets remain safe from potential threats.
Safeguarding Crypto Holdings with Fireblocks: Your crypto holdings are protected using advanced sharding technology known as Fireblocks. This system requires a minimum of 3 out of 6 signatures to authorise a transaction that hasn't been whitelisted or to add contracts and wallets to the whitelist. This added layer of security ensures your assets are protected at all times.
A Team of Industry Specialists: Our founders both have a rich background in Australia's most successful DeFi platform – Synthetix and our team is formed by the smartest and brightest minds in the industry. Bringing a wealth of experience from backgrounds including, finance, technology, telco and e-commerce to drive Block Earner's success. We’re also proud to say we’ve built a team that is culturally diverse and gender-balanced, representing more than 10 nationalities and recently increasing our female headcount by 30%.
At Block Earner, we are honoured to have earned your trust and will do everything in our power to maintain it. We're dedicated to providing a safe, secure, and reliable platform for our users, backed by a team of experts who share our commitment to excellence. With Block Earner, you can invest with confidence, knowing your assets are in good hands.
The future of finance is in your hand, tap in today!

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