Our Corporate Treasury Management Solution is Here

18 Oct 20222min
Without a doubt, we’re living through tough economic times — uncertainty in the macro market, fluctuation in foreign exchange rates and mounting inflationary pressure have all led to the culmination of this.
As founders, Charlie and Jordan have both experienced some of the pain points brought on by this downturn first-hand and empathise with other founders and businesses as they navigate the current reality.
For many businesses, high volatility in forex markets has meant they’ve had to re-evaluate their operational strategies and for startups, this has presented a significant challenge, especially as they plan for the next phase of their growth.
At Block Earner, we’ve been working hard to find a solution that addresses some of these pain points. We recently launched our yield-earning corporate treasuries solution, which allows businesses to get simple access to USD and Gold through Tier-1 digital assets and de-risk their treasury and manage funds using AUD.
Aussie businesses now have more options to efficiently deploy capital, mitigate forex risks and invest in their future. We’ve already onboarded over 20 startups and SMEs, with the likes of Spiral Blue, blueshyft, Saardé and The Timber Yard managing their treasury with ease through Block Earner.
Adam McKenzie, Director at The Timber Yard, said: “After navigating the challenges thrown at us by the pandemic over the past two years, our focus has been on sustained recovery and reinstating financial stability within the company. We are always thinking about how we can do things differently within our business, and BlockEarner is innovating in the fintech space for modern businesses.
It's so easy to create an account, and the freedom to be able to withdraw the funds at any time, made the decision to park our cash in the account a no-brainer – we now have much better cash reserves to be able to deal with our constantly fluctuating pay cycle while having the assurance that our money is working hard for us in the background.”
Click here to learn more about our Treasury Management Solution.

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